Friday, December 1, 2006

Simple tips to earn Extra income
  • Have you got free land ? or garden in your house ?do you have extra space in your house (without any constuction on it) . if yes simply plant a tree in it .. once tree is grown you will eat fruit whole life . best thing is you need not to water tree , they are able to take water from ground , So consult local gardner and ask him which tree suits your area and location
  • Got extra cash , invest in mutual funds or stock market . Some peoples made fortunes in stock markets . So just hire a consultant for investment in stock market ? if you donot have proper knowledge of stock market go for mutual funds
  • Arbitrage of interest , Some countries have interest rate very low while other have very high interest rates . So simply lend money from banks of country with very low interest rate and invest it in high interest rate country
  • Currency Arbitrage , Start your online export business , Sell anything to peoples of the country with high currency value . For example 1 pound is almost equal to 2 dollars . So why not sell your stuff (anything like clothes,gifts etc) to uk peoples and gain advantage of high currency value
  • Blog/website money: Advertise on your blog/website to gain money
  • MLM: multilavel marketing if where you have to buy some products (pay little amount) and refer it to friends/family , So it works like chain , if anyone from your reffered person or their refferd person buy you gain money ... Some peoples reported huge earnings via mlm .

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